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Lanxoma - Dealing with the Insider Threat


Every organisation takes security of their files, information, PCs and networks very seriously, to protect from outside attack.

BUT what about the threat from within?

The fact is that sometimes the risk of detection is so small and the temptation too great for trusted IT technicians to resist. Cases of insider fraud abound. A recent survey reveals that with increasing redundancies, lay offs and pay freezes, employers believe that they are at higher risk from malevolent insider attacks than ever before. More than 43 percent of respondents experienced fraud theft or losses by employees.  Now you can fight back. Lanxoma is the industry's first Restricted Access Permission System.

Restrict and control IT technician access to systems

Record each keystroke, mouse movement, screen viewed and audio heard when technicians are accessing secure areas of the system and play back anytime

Alert management to misuse

Remove doubt and blame from honest employees


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